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Welcome to Rogue Element Designs

Who are we? A family, a mix of artists, Jacks-of-all trades, problem solvers, inventors, designers, builders, fixers, renaissance enthusiasts, fighters, gamers, actors, and much more.

What do we do? We are a multi-medium job shop and maker space that can make just about anything we put our mind to. We are constantly gathering new people and skills to expand our potential. We produce several lines of products that we vend in person at a variety of select events, and are working towards a web store. We love to work with customers to try and make their dreams into real things. We love solving problems by mixing things together. We fill the gaps between common products. We love a challenge.

Where are we located? We are setup to have a public-facing presence at select fairs in NH and MA in 2019, and are working towards growing our list of events. We have two private shops in New Hampshire where we make our products and work on customer commissions. Most of our product will be sold at the events we attend, and a list of those events can be found HERE.

What can we make? We are always expanding our capabilities. Currently, we have a Woodworking and Cabinetry shop, a Leathersmithing shop, and basic Blacksmithing capabilities. We are currently working to expand these three spaces to bring them to their maximum potential. We also coop with a Glass Lampworker and a Painter on select projects. Our next expansion project is building out a space for smelting and casting of small items, as well as welding and machining space to work in harmony with our growing Blacksmithing space. Beyond that, we are investing in some 3d Printing and Laser Cutting equipment to expand our prototyping capabilities.

If you have a project in mind, and you're not sure where to turn, please feel free to contact us! We will gladly look over any project, and even if we can't make it, we may know someone who can. We can schedule to meet at one of our events, or have a private meeting, to discuss commission work. To inquire about commission work, please reach out to us HERE.

We hope to see you around New England at upcoming events, and Thank all of our current and past customers for their support.

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